Our 2016-2017 Francis O'Neill Club shirts are in the works!  Order by September 10!
Scroll down for all the info.


Q: How much do shirts cost?  A: $15.

Q: What do the shirts say? A: The front says "I survived figure five" and "Francis O'Neill Club 2016-2017."  The back says "Swing house gallop chain."

Q: When will the shirts be available?  A: The shirts will be available in time for the Chicago Set Dance Weekend 9/30/16-10/2/16!

Q: What type of shirt is this?  A: These are Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirts (Youth, Unisex, Ladies).

Q: I won't make it to the Chicago Set Dance Weekend this year.  Can I still buy a shirt?  A: Absolutely!  We are happy to ship your shirt to you or hold it in Chicago until we see you next.  When possible, we will group shipments together (eg. send all the shirts for the Glastonbury, CT dancers to a single address).

Q: Will you have extra shirts to purchase later?  A: We do not plan to purchase extra shirts this year.  We may have a few, but no guarantees!  Better to buy your shirt now!

Q: What is the deadline for purchasing a shirt?  A: September 10!  These are limited edition!

Q: I can't order my shirt online.  Is there any other way to order one?  A: Sure.  Email