What's a ceili?

Ceili (pronounced KAY-lee)

  is the Irish word for a party or social gathering where you'll find good music, good food, and good craic (pronounced crak)--an Irish term for conversation, fun, and good times!

A ceili dance is a type of folk dance that originated hundreds of years ago  in Ireland. You may have seen ceili dancing at Irish festivals in the U.S. Unlike Irish step dancing, also popular at festivals, ceili dancing requires no special costume or rigorous training. It's non-competitive and can be done by people of all ages. It's also good exercise and lots of fun!

The Francis O'Neill Club holds a ceili (a social gathering where dancing and fun are the focus) during the year! We do mostly set dances, but also some ceili dances, at each ceili.  Set dances are typically lengthier and more complex than ceili dances, but the basic steps and figures are similar.